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Edmonton Fashion Week – Spring 2008
May 2, 2008, 9:37 pm
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Yes, apparently Edmonton has a fashion week!

I offered to volunteer, because I’m just so amazingly awesome like that. Fashion week ran from April 24th to the 30th, and I picked up five shifts in four days because God knew I had nothing better to do (now that university is over and I haven’t gotten a job yet, my life has creaked to a standstill). It baffled some people when they asked me about volunteering, especially when it turned out I had very little knowledge of the event, and wasn’t told about the opportunities through a school program – I just had an interest in fashion and checked out the website. Apparently this is a very odd way of going about things. But there you have it.

The super weird thing was that I would run into people that were somehow connected to me. The first night I was scheduled to work with this tall, thin blonde girl who asked me where I’d gone to school after a few minutes of conversation. I looked at her and realised we’d gone to the same elementary and junior high school, me being a grade higher than she was. It was vaguely mortifying.

Additionally, one of the drag queens presenting a fashion line happened to be the crossdressing cheerleader I was drunkenly grinding with on Halloween night. And the Vibe Tribe? They’re a group of tribal dancing, hula hooping, poi swinging nutcases with amazing skill who performed at the gala, and the girl who lit her poi on fire happened to be the girl I met in a night club through a friend of mine, mid-March.

Anyway, weird coincidences aside, I had fun, even though everything ran late (normal for fashion shows, of course) and the organization of the event was a complete mess. Apparently, the huge snowfall days before had delayed everything. I also suffered my own amount of physicial discomfort when I lost all feeling in my feet after tending the outdoor information booth and making friends with the disgruntled vendors (who had been promised heaters, yet were slowly freezing to death). I snacked repetitively on granola and fruit I thoughtfully stashed in my purse, and didn’t wonder why I wasn’t up there on the catwalk, since my ability to eat was obviously barring me from the glamour of stumbling half-naked down the stage in nightmarish lingerie.

Not all the models were stick thin – depending on the designers, body types went in all directions when it came to models. It was sad, though, when the girls slumped out from behind the curtain. When you’re a girl and wear heels, you can look at another girl walking and figure out if they are in physical pain, aren’t used to the shoes/breaking in a new pair, or are simply incapable of walking with the added height. Seeing models make their dreary and unexciting way down the catwalk with their rounded shoulders and heels clomping in a very unsexy manner (heels are there to boost sexiness, people!) was just a huge disappointment, because it was obvious they couldn’t walk and didn’t care. No attitude, no pomp, the sort of thing that makes clothing fun. I wanted to leap up and shout “Come on, girls – You’re in a fashion show! Smile!”

Also, as my co-bartender on Wednesday night remarked, “They all look super pissed off. I don’t get it.” Hmmm. Happiness: never in fashion, apparently.

Tomorrow is the sample sale, which I am so totally going to so that I may get my grasping, eager hands on a slip dress or similar for a fraction of the normal price. I’m a girl that loves a bargain. And slip dresses. Mmm, materialism.


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Hi! I just read your blog on the Edmonton Fashion Week. You mentioned draq queens presenting a fashion line at the event. Would you happen to remember which fashion line was it? Appreciate if you could tell me. Thanks!

Comment by Tricia Ling

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