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So About Bai Ling
May 8, 2008, 9:43 pm
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So I’ve got this huge crush on Bai Ling, and you should too.

kiss kiss!
Dude, she’s wearing, like, a garbage bag, and a fake butterfly.
I want to party with this woman.

If you’re unaware, Bai Ling is the super gorgeous Chinese actress that you’ve no doubt seen around in films but never recalled her. I had no idea that the cute tattoo artist in Phuket on that one Lost episode was played by the same woman who was the creepy sister/lover of that bad guy on The Crow. But there you have it! Now, I like me my manly menfolk, but the more I read about her (and from her), the more smitten I am.

Her blog (oh, yeah, she has a blog, which I’ve got linked on my page for easy access… you can stop reading this now and follow that link, I won’t mind) will often be trolled by angry people with their own issues who like to call Bai Ling a slut/whore/some other sexually demeaning word, or slam her for her choices in life and the industry. It’s pretty much like junior high all over again. Bai Ling, though, obviously doesn’t care. She just posts more pictures of herself in her dressing room or hanging out with Pink, and liberally uses the word ‘sexy’ no matter what she’s talking about.

She’s one of the few celebrities (and heck, it’s a rarity among the rest of us) that just does what she wants, when she wants, and just lives her life. She puts on wacky clothes and doesn’t care what people think – as she should! Clothing is for the wearer, not anyone else, after all. She updates her blog with her strange, poetic rambles, takes photos of herself, and claims to come from the moon. Do you see what I’m getting at? She’s completely charming. Not only has she figured out that others will judge you no matter what – because lots of people know that – she totally went with it, and really believed it. People will mock Bai Ling, but hey, everybody gets mocked in one way or another. The world (and especially the internets) is petty. So why bother getting worked up about it?

More great things about Bai Ling:

She comes from a highly conservative country, but has no qualms about taking her clothes off in front of a camera. She talks about how the human body is absolutely beautiful, and she loves hers. Look – it’s a woman that loves her body! And she’s not afraid to show it! She’s also completely unbothered when it comes to accidentally flashing her nipples (or, as she put it in one blog post, they just make a bid for freedom). Whenever asked a question, she responds openly and honestly, not really caring about her public appearance. Bai Ling is really just here for the ride, I think – whatever people write about her is really no concern.

Now, I can’t say what she is like for certain, because it’s not like I’ve ever hung out with her before. All I can do is remark upon her public persona. But you know what? I like her public persona. So there.

And seriously? If I could speak my second language with as much charm, strangeness, and eccentricity despite grammatical incorrectness as Bai speaks hers, well. I’d make a killing in the bars next time I’m in Mexico. So yeah… I heart Bai Ling, and you ought to as well. Or at least heart somebody famous, but I guess that’s becoming really, really difficult considering the selection these days.

Hm, I appear to be posting a grand total of once a week. Lucky you, chicos.


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