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Slippin’s got me Trippin’, yo
May 28, 2008, 11:36 pm
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watch out, trent! it's marilyn manson!!1

It’s been three weeks since Reznor released The Slip, so maybe I should talk about it? Hell yeah! I feel like all I’m talking about is music, lately. I apologise for this, only not really because this is my blog. So there.

Anyway. This isn’t going to be a review, because, well, seriously, wander somewhere else if you want a review. Why don’t you listen to the album and form your own opinion? But keep it to yourself because I probably won’t care what you think (hey, I’m just being honest. Sorry). Yeah, all you gotta do is download the thing (oh, if you haven’t found out by now, Trent is giving it away because he’s pretty much the bee’s knees) and then spend forty minutes of your time listening to some of the best music ever. I mean. I’m not biased.

I’ve peeked at a few reviews (ok, so I only linked to two… but whatever) that have been linked to on The NIN Hotline and I have to say, I’m not getting where all these people are coming from. I mean, some of them listened to the album for once, which is cool. You can tell because they actually have tried dissecting the songs, suggesting they heard the songs in the first place (a = b = c). What I don’t get is how people are describing the album in terms of Trent Reznor’s mental state and his current actions towards record companies, figuring he’s just whining about himself again. While people have listened to the music, they obviously haven’t taken a look at the graphics that came with the album. Presentation is everything, y’all.


 letting you

Yes, that is a piece of artwork from the album, for the “Letting You” mp3. You know, when I saw that… call me crazy, but I thought it looked a bit familiar. Wait – hold on a tic, I’ve got this INSANE idea. I’m going to rotate the image. Be prepared.

 letting you version 2.0

Wow! You may remember something similar. Maybe you saw it all over the internet. Or maybe if you lived around some weird NIN fans, this might have been spray-painted somewhere or posted up by people who forgot that this was an alternate reality game and, as a result, not real. The design I am thinking of, of course, is this:

 the bane of janitors everywhere

What a resemblance! Actually, those two images are so similar I daresay they might be connected in some way, especially since they are coming from the same people (Trent Reznor, his art and design slave, NIN in general, etc). The second image, if you were unaware, is actually the flag symbol for ‘Art is Resistance’, a lovely fictional movement running rampant through Year Zero, a very sweeping, fan-friendly Alternate Reality Game started up by Trent and 42 Entertainment to explain the story and concept behind his album. Actually, I recall Trent saying how his album Year Zero was part one of a two-part story, and that we could expect a second album in future.

Hmm! Something to think about. You know, I actually think The Slip might be connected to Year Zero in some way! I know, I know, it seems crazy, like deciphering code from the back of a concert t-shirt or finding a song in a toilet. But something tells me Trent isn’t above that kind of stuff, like taking the AIR flag and rotating it 90 degrees and then replacing the star with a blood spatter (symbolism!?!?11).

This makes me more than excited for the tour because I’m wondering if Trent is going to start up another ARG again for The Slip. Or maybe The Slip isn’t supposed to be a final chapter for Year Zero, but like… a middle chapter. ‘Cause I am telling you, listening to the album doesn’t tell me what happens after all the hands come down from the sky, or maybe I’m just not listening close enough. So maybe the story hasn’t ended yet, or something. Or maybe while on tour he’s going to release the rest of the music that tells us the end.

Or maybe Trent is like one of those people that write for Lost and is just screwing with our heads and planting clues that aren’t there and making us think crazy things, and there isn’t really going to be an end, and Kate’s going to keep being a fickle, unlikeable person and will never choose and we’ll never find out what’s up with Jack’s dead father chillin’ in Jacob’s cabin and Aaron is never gonna get Charlie’s family ring and Walt is going to stay shadowy and unknown because of the actor’s growth-spurt. Oh, well, them’s the breaks. Man, I used a lot of ‘maybes’ in this post.


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