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Public Announcement/Apology
October 10, 2008, 12:21 am
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I think it’s just generally known by now (by all two of my readers) that I am the worst updater ever. Yeah. My only excuse is that starting Business courses this year was actually a lot harder than I expected. And, despite all that, I’m still hovering around the bottom percentile than everyone else in my classes. How am I ever going to do well? Possibly by never speaking to any of my friends ever again, living in the library, and basically just stop any attempt of my having an entertaining life (goodbye, youtube). Just me and my books, yeah.

That’s not going too well because right now I’m avoiding reading my D.H. Lawrence. But, Good God, wouldn’t you be too in my case? I mean, seriously. D.H. Lawrence.

So I’m posting to say that I’m sorry, I’d promised an upcoming post on EFW but obviously it never came. Here’s the drift: there were clothes, some were wildly out there, I gave a budding designer a ride home, there were some more drag queens again, and I took great pleasure in eating a chocolate bar while watching skinny women prance up and down the catwalk. That’s pretty much all I can remember.

However I’ll try not to forget the fact that this blog exists again, so hopefully in the next few weeks you’ll be treated to some amusing stories, some witty commentary on humanity, a few posts on clothes, and et cetera. But don’t get your hopes up. I want to get my degree, damn it.


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