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My name is Mars. People call me other things but some of them aren’t very nice. I’m a writer.

I am a young Edmontonian attending the University of Alberta. To those unaware, Edmonton is located in Alberta, Canada, which is that really big spot north of America that people tend to overlook. I wouldn’t pretend to be from anywhere else. Unless of course I were pretending to be someone who was from a place other than Canada. Then definitely, I would probably say another country then. Anyway. If I ever switch ‘er’ wth ‘re’ in spellings and use an ‘s’ instead of a ‘z’, it’s because I’m Canadian, not dyslexic (no jokes please).

This blog of mine is just that – my blog. I have no real ulterior motive with it. It’s a place for me to spew my thoughts and tell odd stories to an anonymous audience. I’m not here to get famous or popular, I’m here to write. Unfortunately my writing has a tendency to be rather self-centred, and I apologise, but I guess everyone naturally relates everything to themselves. Or something. I just hope to never be that person who interrupts you when you’re telling a story to tell a story of their own, because I have a friend like that and it’s annoying.

I like: dresses, cooking food only I will eat, mixing alcoholic drinks, chocolate covered shortbread biscuits, Jack Russell Terriers, Spanish, crappy movies with great atmosphere, Trent Reznor, shoes, graphic novels, cupcakes, Christmas lights, dinner-drinks-and-dancing, pie, Peter Rabbit, et cetera

I dislike: Now why would I put anything in here? That’s just being negative.


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