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The Slip: Canadians Pay More?
July 19, 2008, 1:29 am
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I’m a loser and really, really want a physical copy of the limited release of The Slip. Why’d it have to be limited, Trent? Now we’re all freaking out about getting one and they’ll fetch ridiculous amounts of money on ebay once they’re all sold. Thanks a lot.

But anyway, that’s not what’s getting me. What’s getting me is that I preordered the record on, because I am Canadian. Usually being Canadian has all sorts of cool benefits, like better beer and people not mugging you in foreign locales, but right now we’re being screwed over.

While the price on for The Slip has dropped yet again to $13.99, over on it is still at the low low price of $25.99. It’s much the same with, with the Brits and the like paying significantly less than Canadians when it comes to this record.

When Austalians were charged ridiculous amounts for plastic discs, Trent got all outraged and told everyone to just steal the music. That was back when he was still with Interscope, but he’s independent now and has more control over his production. Now, obviously I can’t go around stealing this thing (physically… and, well, I can’t steal it digitally either since he’s giving it away) so now I’m quite disgruntled. What gives, Trent? Don’t you like Canada? We invented the zipper. Do we really have to pay the extra ten dollars? I mean… we invented the zipper!

And concerning my last post: My haircut turned out fine, though I suspect I now look like a boy from certain angles. Hm. Whatever, I can rock it.